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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EST

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diable climate change happening to this planet you can argue all day about whether or not we as humans are the ones causing this change but it's indisputable that weather is becoming more extreme every year and the real shame is that every solution presented by the establishment doesn't actually fix the problem soon it's going to be too late to reverse course and suddenly everything else that humans are doing to each other on the planet will be totally inconsequential so let's go on with the show and break the set. last month a group of thirty american activists to fill it with the antiwar group code pink join thousands of pakistanis to protest the u.s. is use in expansion of drones together they completed a two day two hundred thirty mile peace march across the country all the convey one message and drone warfare but unfortunately the message has been drowned out by the
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beating of war drums during the campaign cycle in fact it was barely talked about at all so the talk about the exclusion of drones from the dialogue and what activism may look like during the next presidential administration i spoke to co-founder of code pink but did benjamin. so the co-founder of one of the most prominent antiwar movement in the country activism for decades we saw a huge swell of anti-war activism during the bush administration it was really at the peak and then you know obama came in he pretty much continued a lot of the same policies but activism totally dropped off why. good question something i've been asking myself for four years when i think a lot of people were hoping obama would be the peace president that he talked about . i think a lot of people turned out to be more concerned about partisan politics didn't want to criticize a democrat didn't want to criticize the first black president and a lot of people were hit by the financial crisis and turned their attention inwards
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so there were a number of different factors but you're right this strong anti-war movement we have been building up under the bush years dissipated when obama came in and we just heard about this disposition matrix i mean pretty much a global drone killing machine that's being expanded in so many countries media do you think that it's because they aren't ground wars anymore and are just totally off people's radar now that this whole drone program is place and i think there's another factor that's important because even when we had troops in iraq in afghanistan they were still only less than one percent of the population that was involved in some way or had loved ones fighting but at least you had a couple hundred thousand people that were very intimately concerned now with their own wars you have even less than that and i think it's part of the thinking of the people in the administration in the pentagon that it's an easier way to continue
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wars knowing that there's a public that sick and tired of ten years now of warfare unfortunately we just heard from the pakistani foreign minister who said that number one reason for anti-american sentiment in pakistan drone. that's right and people should be aware of that because they think oh no americans are getting killed because there's no pilot in the cockpit and they say very few civilian casualties although there's a lot more than they're admitting but what people don't realize is how many millions of people hate us because of these drones and how counterproductive their minutes terrorism on a daily basis for these communities in two thousand former dea wrote an op ed where you said the following i'm just going to read it really quickly you said maybe it's time for the people who voted for bush in two thousand the people who didn't vote at all in two thousand and yes people like myself who voted for ralph nader in two thousand to admit our mistakes i'll say mine i had no idea that george bush would be such a disastrous president had i known then what i know now and had lived in
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a swing state i would have voted for gore instead of ralph nader. two things really quickly do you think it's damaging to say to continue the rhetoric that. ralph nader siphon votes from gore when really gore won i mean and the same with kerry in two thousand for he won it's really an issue of revoting and also media do you still subscribe to the lesser of two evils i'm. well no i really had enough after a lot of hopes were pinned in obama and i think i mean i'm voting for jill stein and i have been openly supporting the green party candidate and i have always felt that our system is so rigged to that we need to put these third party candidates into the debates we need to get their issues out there we need to have a much broader spectrum of debates than we have with the democrats or republicans and i think this election season is really hit that home when we don't even have
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a discussion of something like the drone issue during the whole campaign season and if it weren't for hurricane sandy coming out a week before the election we had no talk about climate. we saw hear very little about climate change and i want to play you something that peter joseph just told me the founder of the movement about these elections. very little changes occurred really when it comes to the election of any single individual or they can go on actions of the congress or whatever parliament institution or what have you in this statistical element is lost unfortunately a much this isn't projection to say that oh it's just to be cynical so it doesn't matter if you vote this is proven right and so the effect of these elections is not given the correct gravity because it's very small i'd say maybe ten percent is how effective the election of a new president really may be so you know he's just kind of saying so much focus
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for months and months and months on these elections and really i mean what difference does it really make if it's one of the different corporate backed candidate or another i mean do you agree with his assessment there. yes i think though for me what i see the worst of all is how it's safe and energy from building an independent movement that would be able to put pressure on the person in office no matter how who that is as well as on our congresspeople that too much of the movement focuses on congressional elections every two years presidential elections every four years instead of saying we need a base that's strong that's independent that's got millions of people behind it and then the elections people who are running for office would have to come to us would have to do and act policies that are going to get our votes rather than the other way around yeah absolutely and what about the people who say you know we need to just get obama a second term and then we can push him more to the left i mean he's
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a conservative he's more conservative than nixon i mean what about that argument. i think it's people who haven't learned a lesson who want to keep thinking that obama is a good guy because and i say you know look at him and his beautiful family and you think he's got to be a good guy he's got to be for a lot of things that i stand for but i think it's important to recognize it's really not about obama and who he is or what he stands for it's about a system that is so powerful that if you don't have a countervailing force the peace movement that grassroots movement that's an anti wall street movement that those powerful forces economically the in military industrial complex they will get their way and what is called so much as a communist first supporting hugo chavez and also just being affiliated with movements that you know you're speaking at certain events and just this demonization of the word communism socialism anyone associated with any of these things the character assassinations and also ten people who are just activists now
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are being called terrorists animal enterprise terrorism act environmental activist one of these labels do to really damage activism well they try to marginalize people even more just the fact that we went to the tribal areas of pakistan we've been called terrorists by people i think it's it's a shame that people are fooled by these labels i have people to date that keep saying you know is a communist organization we kind of laugh about it because it's so meaningless but there's always an attempt to marginalize people i keep my spirits up by saying that when people try to attack us groups try to marginalize us it's maybe because we're doing something effective and we just keep going because at some point. they won't be able to work. you know they ridicule you and then you win and just to wrap it up you know a lot of people write us because we touch upon
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a lot of these issues and they say you know what can i do just one person what's your advice to people who really. are struggling with what they can do to really make the world a better place and change this empire that's crushing the planet there's always something to do which could be get involved in your community look we just had this horrible hurricane and we see people getting out to help each other and that creates movements and it creates networks you can work locally in your community you can work to be building coalitions that bring together people that are working on health care environmental issues peace the issues immigration rights issues build stronger coalitions between them both locally as well as nationally and encourage people to go to our web site could org and learn about all the things that we are doing and it's not about someone doing everything it's about everyone doing something thank you so much for your work or activism it did been an honor to have you on thanks for happen here. well feel like we see so far go to our youtube
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we speak your language i mean some of the worn out of the. news programs and documentaries some spanish matters to you breaking news a little too limited angle. kids stories.
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to teach.
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well here we are folks election night now for many americans supporting mitt romney the goal tonight is to elect anyone up iraq obama and of course people voting to elect barack obama in the mindset of anyone but this guy but there are third party candidates running they don't have the billion dollars behind him that these candidates do was prevented them from getting air time and the means to get their
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message heard the bottom line in this campaign has been a race to break the billion dollars employees of the big banks did more financially for the obama campaign than anybody else donating a total of over three point four billion dollars that was in two thousand and eight now they've gone the other way giving more to romney than anybody else there were indications the obama team is losing the money race reports showing that team obama was in the red last month spending about ten million dollars more than it brought in in fifty eight million dollars this week alone about my campaign twenty million romney sixteen point five hostages at eleven priorities usa. ended up with some decent mug chrysalis out for their store a future three point four. look at you money money money. money money money in fact obama broke a billion dollars but the two thousand and eight campaign and this year is no different for either candidate but is it ever occurred to you that it doesn't
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really matter if you vote for president obama or governor romney because essentially you'll be getting the same deal with both of them were change your mind to know that the same lobbyists and special interest groups are funny both of them the problem is that the media packaging of these people is such that works specter to believe without question that these superficial differences between the two are actually substantive but it's all a propaganda scheme designed to do nothing more than a blind you into conformity and trick you into ignoring your right to vote your conscience in the debates that's just the biggest charade of all isn't it their one massively overhyped puppet show and the puppet masters of the corporate c.e.o. is funding these candidates to maintain control by lining the pockets of our politicians they keep their corporate policies in place and their bottom lines filled all the rest of us remain under served and under represented. the bare truth is that mitt romney supports nearly all of the same host these as for obama from
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health care told warfare you can start with the agriculture industry meaning food production contract farming seed supplies agra chemicals genetically modified seeds all the crap are put into our bodies that we don't even know about president obama received almost two million dollars from the ag business sector which was drawer ft by governor romney mr monsanto himself who taken over six million dollars from the ag giants the point here is that both candidates have their hands in the g.m.o. cookie jar folks and this is just one example how about the controversial fordable care act that obama passed well it's not the most popular piece of legislation but it sure was popular with insurance companies i mean after all they practically wrote the damn bill you know obama received close to twenty million dollars from the corporate health sector wow that's a lot of money but wait funny that romney is so adamantly against this bill's sense of essential of the same as his health care legislation in massachusetts so is it
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a surprise that romney also received over fifteen million dollars from the same sector so what about the big banks well we already know that goldman sachs was obama's number one contributor in two thousand and eight and what do you know it this time around it's romney's top number one financer obama only received amusing one thousand million dollars from the country's financial giants for this election compared to the whopping fifty two million dollars the romney camp happily accepted i guess goldman sachs is heading they're hedging their bets on romney since obama already is in their money bag and last but definitely not least the defense industry you know the sector i devote most of my time to on the show well you might be disappointed to learn they barely gave anything to either. candidate only about a million to both of them oh it's like they don't even care or well you know what
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they don't because they know that obama is not going to cut defense and if they get romney well they don't have to worry about a thing because if there is one promise that will come true regardless of who you vote for it's that both of these candidates will continue to push for endless war in the investigation of our civil liberties the interests of the same military industrial complex that eisenhower warned us about when he was leaving office and you can take that to the bank. in the area where there are going to be like oh. oh . millions of visitors make a trip to the nation's capitol each year some to get an up close look at the home of the president of the united states or just to bask in the city's one of the high museums and plentiful shopping but right in the backyard of the city's flashy
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attractions is a part of washington d.c. seldom seen by the public eye. this is anacostia a neighborhood just four miles from the u.s. capitol that's plagued with abandoned buildings. blighted homes. and scattered trash there's a lot this community says needs to change more activities for the kids around here like more recreations nice stores. my claim via man how can transportation and health and good job china programs for and they say those needs are being overlooked but it's not only the concern of those in anacostia it's the voice behind a poverty problem in the city that's worse and in recent years u.s. census bureau data released in september shows one in five d.c. residents are living below the poverty line almost one hundred ten thousand people
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in fact poverty in the district is at its highest level in thirty years data also shows unemployment rates have more than doubled in the last five years jumping from ten percent in two thousand and seven to twenty five percent at the end of two thousand and eleven but despite those numbers this community will still be left out both president obama and governor romney have been silent on issues of race and poverty in this campaign election cycle and the presidential election is the only election d.c. residents are eligible to vote in that's exactly what resident william riley says is the problem the crest of our dilemma and me for asked to be subject to so many taxes rules and regulations as a city. they were faced with restrictions as they stated that most states are they still don't have a representation unfortunately for this community being inside of the capital isn't quite enough it's taxation without representation and that means for those who are
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suffering the most their voices may be heard the least a mere david r t. washington. letter we're about to do if you've never seen anything like this. how did. i know i often talk on the show about how messed up things are in the world which needless to say can sometimes be disheartening but i do it because there's so much going on that people don't know about and i'm angry because i know that we have the capacity to do so much better than the status quo so this is a call to action we all need to start getting passionate we just start becoming engaged with our our selves and our communities and with our environment the mobilization of the people is the only thing that can bring any real change this country the elections today sure as hell won't it's more clear than it ever has been a two party system is a sham the illusion of choice voting is rigged in the corporate controlled
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candidates the entire electoral process or both corporatist warhawks whose interests do not represent the large majority of the people in this country but no matter who wins tonight remember we must not become disempowered and we must not become disengaged and for those of you that think that you need to buy into a system that tells us a way a vote for a third party is a wasted vote check this out. that you corporate party is the democrats the republicans are the party of last great they're the party of the war machine they're the party of economic. oppression and environmental devastation so if you actually give your precious vote some one of those parties you're supporting in things that are anti human to go to the polls and vote for either wall street sponsored candidate for obama or for romney is to basically give them a mandate for four more years of the saying it may be
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a reluctant vote in your mind but in their mind it's an absolute mandate to keep us over the coals the real dad is the wasted vote the real vote is to stand up and vote for real solutions that we will only get if we push forward we are the ones we've been waiting for i say that's your ways to devote to voting for somebody you don't believe in vote for somebody you believe in that's how you. change the system when you vote for a party that doesn't care about what you need that doesn't do anything progressive it doesn't do anything for your community then you're wasting your vote you know if you continue to support a party that does not care about working people that is throwing your vote away well there you have it straight from the third party candidates of this election or you can take it from jesse ventura the former independent governor of minnesota. here's the simple answer stop voting for them i urge people stop voting for democrats and republicans we still have that power vote for anybody else well jesse but i think the person who explains it best is
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a third party hoover himself ralph nader check it out. every year things get worse in america i mean living standards are declining. if the rich are richer the poor are poor the middle class is shrinking you have fifty million people who are being told pay or die if you're sick because you don't have health insurance forty five thousand americans die every year nader's right both parties will get worse if the people continue elect conservatives like brock obama or right wing ideologues like mitt romney the rich will get richer the poor get poorer so what do we do you know a lot of people have reached out to me asking why is it that i talk about all the things that are wrong but i never talk about what actions we can all take to make an impact where it can and will make a difference think about why you participate in the electoral process your vote your vote is a way to voice your support or discontent every two to four years some say it's your civic duty and a lot of times that's all people do politically and their entire life time the
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truth is though everything you do want to daily basis is political and every day you have multiple opportunities to cast a vote think about it this means the website you visit to make the corporate media relevant the food you purchase to support local organic farms the. gass you buy or don't buy the local businesses you choose to support the people you talk to and the things that you say all of these actions are votes all of these things make an impact if you're passionate about an issue get involved in your community there are still forms of direct democracy believe it or not available to states and i have never met more beautiful intelligent or passionate people in my lifetime than i have to my activism what i try to do on the show is provide under reported facts because information is beautiful information is power but i don't want you to take anything i say on the show or anything else you hear anywhere for that matter as
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fact question everything research everything for yourself find your own truth while it's still available in its current form the internet is a gift to empower ourselves with knowledge and matter what you grow up believing and matter what you think you believe now open yourself to breaking apart your own paradigm look in order to move our collective consciousness forward we need to embrace change we need to feed off and share knowledge we to work together because if there's one thing we can we know we can't count on change from the top so today on election day shed yourself the politics of fear and better get shed yourself a beard and general most importantly your mind it's a beautiful thing. i
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mean so to know your city in europe i'm the host of the twenty fourteen winter the picket. sunshine. thank you. saatchi. thank you the. way a. dog days of. the pride days it. makes common. to see it's so true.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british. time writers. market why not.


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